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  • Camp Liberty, when Phase 1 is completed, will consist of 12 cabins, a maintenance building, admin building, medical building, dining hall/camp store/multipurpose building, swimming pool/splash pad, pond, and athletic field.

  • We are currently accepting financial donations in order to purchase land on which to build Camp Liberty. 

  • Once the land has been purchased and the required infrastructure (roads, drainage, bridge, etc.) is ready to be put in place, donations of the following will be needed: building materials, kitchen appliances & supplies, dining room furniture (tables & chairs), serving equipment (hot & cold serving tables, utensils, cups, bowls, etc.), bunk beds & mattresses, recreational supplies (paddle boats, bats/balls/gloves, fishing rods/lures/tackle boxes, craft supplies, etc.), office equipment and furniture, maintenance equipment….

  • Every donation collected means less money needed to be raised and in turn the sooner the camp can be opened.

  • And remember, we are a 501(c)3 certified nonprofit so all donations are tax deductible. EIN 83-2757465

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